Where to find and how to play the Aviator demo slot

The famous and adored crash game Aviator, in addition to the main mode with real bets, also has the so-called Aviator fun mode. Why it was developed by game providers and what practical benefits it has for players, we will analyze in this article.

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Aviator Demo Game: How to Play

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In general, the Aviator game demo mode is almost an exact copy of the main game, but without some features, the primary one being real money bets. You, just like in the main game, must have time to press «Cash Out» before the airplane leaves the screen, but just do it with in-game money. In other words, you are deprived of the opportunity to really earn money by playing the Aviator game free mode, but you will also not be able to lose your funds.

Thus, the main purpose of the fun mode is to familiarize yourself with the controls and other features of the game, as well as to develop a suitable playstyle for you, using the available tactical scenarios.

Demo Slot Advantages

In our opinion, the main advantages of the Aviator demo mode are the following:

Certainly, playing for fun does not bring such excitement as for real money. Therefore, most players, having played Aviator in demo mode, finally go to the high leagues, where everything happens for real.

Where to Play the Free Demo Version

After we figured out how to play the Aviator demo slot, now the question naturally arises: Where can we do it? In fact, there are several options:

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First, you can choose the Aviator free mode on any of the available game portals in your region. One of the main criteria for selecting such a site is its reliability, which is confirmed by the presence of a license and numerous positive references from respected sources and the players themselves.

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If it is more convenient for you to use the application installed on your mobile device, you will find many suggestions for downloading Aviator APK on the Internet. However, in this case, there is difficulty in choosing due to the large number of malicious programs hiding under the guise of the Aviator app. This happens because at the moment there is no official Aviator application from the developer company and players have to look for it on the side. Therefore, as is the case with online casinos, we advise you to turn to a reliable source that you trust. For instance, it can be downloaded from our website.

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In addition to the above options, you can also use the Spribe Aviator demo directly on the manufacturer’s website

In any case, the choice of the source of the Aviator demo is up to you.

Demo Mode Special Features

The Aviator demo game mode, like the real one, has its pros and cons:



When playing for game money (credits), you feel almost the same excitement, but at the same time, you do not experience the stress of losing your real money. For many players, this can seriously affect their health. In the Aviator Free play mode, you don’t get that.



The pleasure of playing Aviator is hard to overestimate, and its level rolls over both in real and fun mode. The difference is that the Aviator fun mode cannot overshadow the bitterness of losing real money.



In demo mode, you study all the functionality of the game completely free of charge and in a relaxed atmosphere, without risking losing your hard-earned money due to an accidental error when testing a particular function.



In this case, experience is a twofold criterion. On the one hand, in demo mode, you have the opportunity to practice and get used to the functionality of the game. On the other hand, you will never have the same experience in demo mode that you get during a real round.

That is why seasoned players advise not to stay too long in the demo version and quickly move on to the real game.

To play in fun mode or for real money: What’s the difference

FeaturesMain VersionDemo Mode
In-game chat
Third-party advertising
Bonuses and Promos

The basic difference between the Aviator demo mode and its main version is the ability to bet with real money. However, in addition to this item, there are still some other differences, which we present in the form of a comparative table.

As we can see from the table, the main version of the game has more advanced functionality and does not contain such distracting things as ads.

Which are the best devices to play the demo game

best devices to play the aviator demo game

The Aviator slot is a new-generation game specially adapted for mobile devices. Created on the basis of HTML5 technology, it runs perfectly from the browser and does not lag or slow down. Its functionality is designed for touch buttons and small screen sizes, so you will not have any inconvenience when playing on a tablet or a smartphone.

At the same time, Aviator also works great on a stationary computer, when all the information you need is clearly displayed on the big screen.

Since the game was developed by competent specialists of the Spribe company, all possible nuances were taken into account during its creation, so that players will be equally satisfied with the gameplay both on a smartphone and a desktop.


Thus, as we have already noted, the Aviator free game mode is intended both for ordinary entertainment and for practical familiarization with the slot by testing various winning strategies before switching to the game for real money.

We advise players not to stay in this mode for a long time and quickly move on to big earnings at reliable casinos.


Where can I play free bet Aviator?

Free mode, or as it is also called Aviator Fun mode, is available on almost all game portals where this game is. You can also find a free application with Aviator demo mode on various resources. However, in this case, you should be very careful not to catch a virus or run into scammers. Therefore, it is worth downloading such an app only from a trusted source, for example, you can find it on our website. Moreover, you can launch this mode on the website of the game manufacturer Spribe.

Which casinos in Africa have the Aviator free slot?

Due to its popularity, you can find the Aviator game free mode at almost any online casino, such as 1Win. You can also run it on the official website of the Spribe provider company.

Should I register to get the Aviator free bet?

To start the Aviator game demo mode on the official Spribe website and most game portals, registration is not required. You will only need it when you intend to play for real money.